Hello There!

If you need something new in your life, follow along with me on this blog, Create & Change. Together for 365 days, we will take tiny steps to make something new. As you move along, report back along the way. 

Does creating everyday make change in your life?

Day 2 - A Baby Step.

Day 2 - A Baby Step.

Day 2 - Here is where our projects begin. Today you will write or type the word "Change" on a piece of paper. Don't over think the project. The word "Change" can be written on receipt with your favorite pen. You can print the letters on and 8" x 10" printer paper. You can just use a crayon on lined paper. You should use whatever materials tickle your fancy. The only rule is this project should only take you about 10 seconds but if you want to spend a few minutes on it. Go for it! Here is mine:


Day 3 - Let's Get Social.

Day 1 - Change. It is a four letter word.