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Day 292 - A Costume That Will Make You Hungry.

Day 292 - A Costume That Will Make You Hungry.

Hello to all you trick-o-treaters to be. Isn't it hard to come up with a costume for Halloween and make it extra special? Every year I ask my kids what they want to be. We usually brainstorm as a family and throw out ideas to one another. One year our entire family was a pack of wolves. Another year 3 of us were vampires and one member was an excavator. We have been witches, a shark and a zombie surfer and little bunny foo foo. By this time each year, we usually have nailed down the theme and our costumes are done.

Not this year. For some reason this year, we can't seem to agree on any theme. We talked about being breakfast but no one wanted to be the sausage. Who does? We talked about going as fighter pilots but the little girl wouldn't have it. There were astronauts on the list, dinosaurs and a box of donuts. The list just kept going.

However, one of our family members put a stake in the ground. Out of the blue my 5 year old daughter said she wanted to be no not a princess, or a cheerleader or a head of state. No my 5 year old stated she wanted to be sushi this year. Yes, sushi. Look, I tried to talk her into being a big pink donut or Rapunzel but she wouldn't have it. She insisted on being a sushi roll. A salmon avocado to be exact. 

Her persistence lead me to do a Google search. It turns out there others who have dressed up in some pretty awesome sushi costumes. Challenge accepted little one. Today we made her a sushi costume and today's project to start to create a handmade costume for yourself. That is to say today, pick a theme or a character and get to work on a homemade costume that is original, handmade and will be the talk of any party. Don't be shy about digging through your closet to locate some props or clothing from a bygone era. Or using the shipping boxes stored in the garage. Usually, we have materials all around us that can get our creative juices flowing.

As for the sushi costume, it still needs a little refinement but here is the material list and steps to inspire your own sushi costume or other frilly frock.

Salmon Avocado Sushi Roll Costume Supply List

  • a paint brush
  • green and white acrylic paint
  • 1/8 yard green fabric (I used polar fleece)
  • 1/8 orange fabric (I used polar fleece)
  • a measuring tape 
  • 1" foam material
  • 2 yards imitation leather fabric with texture
  • 1 roll of quilt batting
  • A hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • safety pins
  • sewing pins
  • green ribbon {optional}
  • ginger colored ribbon or trim {optional}
  • 2 barrettes or a headband {optional}
  • a set of chopsticks

Step 1: Cut the green and orange fabric in half so there are 4 pieces. With the white paint and a small paint brush, make salmon stripes on the orange fabric. Mix the green and white paint together and paint a lighter shade of green on the green fabric to look like avocado. Let dry overnight.

Step 2: Measure yourself or the person who needs the costume. Think about proportion and how the person will wear the costume. Cut the foam accordingly to the proportions. Trim the fabric leaving an extra 3" on each side. Lay the fabric face down on the floor. Place the foam on top. Fold 3" of the fabric over on to the foam and secure with sewing pins all the way around the foam.

Step 3: Warm up the hot glue gun and glue the fabric to the foam on the edge. Remove the sewing pins as the hot glue cools in place. Place the quilt batting inside the foam fabric roll and cut a hole the slightly smaller than the costume wearers torso in the fabric, foam and batting. Flipping over the foam, fabric and batting secure the two ends of the foam and fabric together. You now should have a roll.

Step 4: Pin the orange and green fabric to each end of the sushi roll. Using the hot glue gun, glue the green ribbon and ginger trim to the barrettes or headband.{optional}

Wiggle feet first into the costume and done! Sushi roll costume complete. A word about construction, if you are finding the safety pins are not holding the roll together, stitch the two ends of the foam and fabric together using a big stitch.

Well, this 5 year old is ready for trick-o-treating. Are you? See you tomorrow kids!




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