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Day 299 - The 10 Greatest Halloween Movies Of All Time.

Hey you movie monsters. Who doesn't love the movies, especially a scary movie? Well, I don't. I hate scary movies. When I was eight or nine years old, my sister and mom talked me into going to see "Aliens" and I almost had a heart attack. It was a real blessing the power went out in the movie theater and we didn't get to see if Sigourney Weaver lived to fight another day against that slimy alien. If I did get to see the end, I think I would be dealing with a major case of insomnia twenty-seven year later.

However, it is Halloween and it's always great to get a little spooked out. Let's create a list of our top ten Halloween movies today. It will create a spooky mood and get us in the Halloween spirit. Here are a few of my favorites.

Enjoy firing up the Netflix and see you tomorrow Casper!

Day 300 - Make Sure To Have Some Tricks This Halloween.

Day 298 - Make It An Alien Invasion On Halloween.

Day 298 - Make It An Alien Invasion On Halloween.