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Day 320 - The Ultimate Creative Hostess Gifts For Under $40.

Day 320 - The Ultimate Creative Hostess Gifts For Under $40.

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Hello! Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Who has been thinking about what to bring the host on the day of the great Thanksgiving Day feast? No, I'm not talking about pie. I'm talking about the gift given to the host that shows she is appreciated for getting up at the crack of dawn to shove a robust bird in the oven and stand on her feet for twelve hours to cook up a showstopper of a meal. If you are like me, I wait until the very last minute to find a host gift. I end up bringing either a festive dish towel or a bottle of just ok wine. Neither of which makes me gitty. I can only imagine the host is also pretty apathetic about the turkey clad dish towel and so so wine. The bottom line is, gift giving takes a certain knack and talent. One has to know a bit about the recipient and then get creative. In this case, creativity is the hard part. Forget that, gift giving is just downright hard.

Today, however, I have researched and dug deep to find a list of "The Ultimate Creative Hostess Gifts For Under $40." In fact, most are under $20. They are unique, useful and creative! Today's project is to get a jump on a host gift and create prepared gratitude by jotting down what your host might love to receive. Here are some suggestions.

1. AmazaPens {affiliate link} are a terrific way to create lovely, colorful and spectacular designs. After all the guests leave and the leftovers are cooling in the fridge, the host will be thrilled when she unwraps her AmazaPens where she can create an artful moment to melt way the holiday stress.

2. STEAM Kids Christmas {affiliate link} is a terrific book that inspires girls (boys too) and adults alike to have fun learning through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) projects. This might seem like an odd host gift but it is bursting at the binding with cool projects the kids can do while the turkey is cooking in the oven. For a short time, the eBook and printed book will come with a STEAM Christmas Coloring eBook too! They will create a much-needed distraction so the turkey can get on the table and the family stay at peace.

3. Glass Macaron Ornament Set From West Elm is an even better gift than an actual box of macaron cookies because she will be able to enjoy these little treats for years to come. Create joy and smiles this holiday and next with these little sparkely gems.

4. Soul Paper Holiday Cards Gift Set is a beautiful way to tell the hostess she's special. This sweet little pack of holiday cards is hand created and professionally printed by artists Alexandra Mathews. What is a better way to tell a hostess she's special than these lovely cards? Plus, they will create a new way for the host to pass on her thanks and holiday spirit to someone else.

5. Herbivore Detox Bath Salts is a perfect way to say thank you for taking care of me for the day! These blue clay, dead sea, bath salts will melt away the stress of the holidays. Your host is bound to fall into a lovely nights sleep after she soaks in these naturally and wonderfully scented lavender and eucalyptus soaking salts. They will create bath heaven!

6. Mariage Frères Esprit de Noël Tea is a lovely way to say to your hostess that she is worth every drop of this festive, beautifully flavored, orange, cinnamon and clove tea. It is a glamours addition to every holiday table and creates the perfect accompaniment to a slice of pumpkin pie.

7. CB2 Trio Vases (not available online currently) are triple the thank you! These pint size vessels will hold just a few perfect flowers and will be darlings at a celebratory table for years to come. They will continue to create memories years into the future and let your host know you appricate all her hard work.

Well, Let me hear how the gifts go over and see you tomorrow wild turkeys. 

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Day 321 - What Happens When You Create Gratitude In Your Life?

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