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If you need something new in your life, follow along with me on this blog, Create & Change. Together for 365 days, we will take tiny steps to make something new. As you move along, report back along the way. 

Does creating everyday make change in your life?

Day 365 - How To Be Insanely Creative And Infinitely Successful.

Day 365 - How To Be Insanely Creative And Infinitely Successful.

Well friends, today is the day. Together we've reached our goal of creating 365 days straight. When this experiment began, I asked "Can the mere act of creating change one's life? Would creating every day make change easier? If we create every day, would we find the work we are intended to do?

TodayI can say "Yes!" to all the questions above. Creating every day pushed down doubt and threw out the idea of perfection. It hammered home that we spend more time worrying if something is great or what people will think than freeing a part of ourselves. By holding ourselves accountable every day, we let go of expectations and the constraints we have built for ourselves. It forces our mind and soul to work together to find our own self-worth. Creating is powerful. We can make change in our lives if we allow it.

Somewhere between the late nights, chocolate binges, bad grammar, weird ideas, tired jokes, post fails, and buckets of glitter, a few nuggets of wisdom surfaced. After creating for 365 days straight, I can firmly say I feel insanely creative and infinitely successful. No, I didn't make a dime on this blog. No, I didn't capture the attention of the masses. No, I don't have a book contract, a movie script in the making or a new housewares line coming to Target.

What I can provide today are two things: perspective and wisdom. Somewhere between trying to capture the perfect snapshot of a donut fritter and firing up power tools to make a magazine rack, things surfaced. They were the true lessons of this year. Here in no particular order are eleven jewels of creative wisdom. 

Pick Up A Post-It Note - Post-It notes are the perfect way to create. Ideas can be jotted down quickly, moved around, and built into things. Buy a pack and use them as a temporary mode of self-expression.

Creative Voyeurism Doesn't Create Anything - Creative television shows are addictive. Scrolling through social media outlets are entertaining. However, if a change is needed, step into a kitchen, stop by a hardware store, sign up for a class or dust off a notebook and get making. Watching the work is different than doing the work. Trying and failing are keys to creating a life worth living.

Siren Songs Aren't Just For Mermaids - Mermaids have a particular song that lures people into the water. Just as a mermaid, it's important to have a song and a voice that is specific, clear and authentic. This is what makes work worth bringing into the world. Hear the mermaid but listen to yourself. Make your own siren song.

Go Do It - No one is going to tell you to start. No one is coming to tell you it's a perfect time or you are ready. You just have to do it.

The Audience Doesn't Have Cue Cards - Sharing creative work rebels against the part of the self that says "Don't show this work. It's terrible. You will get laughed at." Through the year, there were many times where I felt uncomfortable. My brain said, "No way! Don't show this to anyone." However, with the time constraint, I didn't have a choice but to send the work out into the world. It was anxiety provoking. I was sure the audience would think I was a joke. What became apparent was only my brain has cue cards. The audience doesn't.

Being Busy Isn't Being Creative - Being creative is about solving problems. Being busy is just being busy. Look around and ask if there is a problem that needs a solution. If not, move on.

It's Going To Get Messy Around Here - Creating is messy and imperfect. Do it anyway. The learning is way more important than the mess.

Who's Got This? - Just You. It's hard to show up and put down work. However, if you don't, who will? No one told me to start this blog. No one told me people need to be more creative. No one forced me to create every day. It was just me. Now it's just you on your journey. 

Achilles Heels? Work It! - The famous artist Chuck Close creates mind-boggling, interesting portraits of people. His work hangs in the National Gallery and sells for millions of dollars. However, it's surprising to know that he is face blind. He doesn't recognize people from their faces. Don't let an Achilles heel stop the creative process. Use it as a constraint and build from it.

Do What's Next. - Sometimes we get caught up in the endless cycle of asking what's next? Most of the time the answer is right in front of us. There were many days when I was searching for something to create only to find the answer was right in front of me. Just look forward and do what's next.

"Create" & "Yet" Are Superheros - There are people who suggest they aren't creative. Ok, they aren't creative, yet. Creativity is a muscle that needs to be flexed to grow. Do something creative every day, and it is inevitable a new path will develop. Think of creativity as a superpower and the word yet as its super sidekick. Together, they have the power to change your life.

Well friends, may you be insanely creative and infinitely successful. Cheers to making life worth living.

Until we meet again.

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