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If you need something new in your life, follow along with me on this blog, Create & Change. Together for 365 days, we will take tiny steps to make something new. As you move along, report back along the way. 

Does creating everyday make change in your life?

Day 53 - Oscar Fever.

Day 53 - Oscar Fever.

Day 53 - Well hello there! Monday is here and who else is getting Oscar Fever? (crickets. crickets. crickets.) Oh come on! This Sunday, February 28th at 4:00 PST, ABC will be showing the 88th Oscar celebration and Chris Rock is the host! It should be fun and who doesn't like a good party where extremely beautiful people, dressed in millions of dollars worth of jewels parade around on a velvet red carpet and possibly win a big gold statue? Sign me up! 

However, today's project isn't about the Oscars, it's about the hard work and dedication that goes into making movies that are nominated for an Oscar. How many of us have watched an Oscar nominated film for the nomination? For example, Mad Max Furry Road has been nominated for "Make-Up & Hairstyling." Did I notice the make-up & hairstyling when I was eating buttery popcorn huddled on my couch? Nope. Not really. However, a creative genius poured their life blood into making the make-up & hair amazing. It seems only reasonable we should take some time to pay attention and honor their work.

Today's project is to pick an Oscar nominated film and intently watch it based on it's nomination. Ask why this film deserves the nomination? How many hours went into planning? Why is it good? Will it win the nomination? 

I just listened to each of the nominated music original songs. You can listen to them here: 


“Earned It,” Fifty Shades of Grey

“Manta Ray,” Racing Extinction

“Simple Song #3,” Youth

“Til It Happens To You,” The Hunting Ground

“Writing’s On The Wall,” Spectre

What do you think? It's interesting listening to the song without the movie and realizing how many creative parts are in a movie. Movie magic!

Day 54 - Martian Chips.

Day 54 - Martian Chips.

Day 52 - Road Trip.

Day 52 - Road Trip.