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Day 73 - Shake It Thin Mint.

Day 73 - Shake It Thin Mint.

Day 73 - Hey. Welcome to Sunday. Last night, we transitioned to daylight savings time. Let me just tell you, I hate daylight savings time with a royal passion. It messes up everyone's rhythms including mine. No one sleeps, everyone eats at weird times and it seems like everyone is just plain grumpy.

However, there is one thing that makes me happy this time of year. It's Girl Scout cookie season and that means Thin Mints® are back. Yeewhaw! Who doesn't love a frozen Thin Mint® cookie? Don't get me started about the Caramel Delights®. I'm still making decisions about about Peanut Butter Patties® but they will do in a pinch. 

It got me thinking today. How could I create something that would help with all the grumpiness that daylight savings brings? Well, maybe a good old fashioned milk shake with Thin Mints® might make everyone a little less grouchy.

First, let me start with I tried for two days to get my hands on some actual Thin Mint® cookies. The Girl Scouts have a terrific "Cookie Finder" where a zip code is entered. The "Cookie Finder" then lists local times and locations where cookies will be sold. I used the cookie finder and found 5 places within 5 miles where the Girl Scouts would be selling cookies. To find a box of Thin Mints® turned into an adventure for me to because it's raining here in Northern California and it's been raining for days. When it rains, the Girl Scouts take cover and don't come out to sell cookies. Smart girls.

So, after five attempts to buy Thin Mints®, I had to by a another brand of mint cookies for this project but you better believe once the rain stops I'll using the "Cookie Finder" and pick up 1 or 5 boxes of Thin Mints®!

Let's get down to the ingredients of today's project. Let me just say this "Shake It Thin Mint" shake is heavenly and indulgent. So invite a friend or 3 over to help create & enjoy the fun.

Shake It Thin Mint Ingredients

Makes approximately 4-8oz shakes

Homemade Magic Shell (optional)*

  • 1/4 cup coconut oil*
  • 2 cups chocolate chips*

Milk Shake

  • 5 scoops vanilla ice cream
  • 6 leaves of fresh spearmint washed and dried
  • 7 Thin Mint® Cookies
  • 1 cup whole milk

*Magic Shell (optional): Combine coconut oil and chocolate chips in a microwave heat safe bowl. Heat for 30 seconds. Stir. Microwave for 30 more seconds. Stir again. Keep repeating this process until smooth.

In a blender, add ice cream, spearmint, cookies and whole mint. Blend till smooth. Add 2 tablespoons of coconut & chocolate mixture. Pulse blender a few times. Serve immediately and garnish with another Thin Mint® and add a drizzle of homemade magic shell on top of the shake. Yum.

*The coconut & chocolate chips mixture is a homemade version of Magic Shell Chocolate coating. It becomes solid when placed over cold ice cream or in the refrigerator. There will be leftovers. Store in an air tight container at room temperature.

Now, maybe we can't make this shake a daylight savings tradition. That way the lost hour of sleep won't make a dent in our spring time happiness. See you tomorrow kids! I gotta get my beauty rest. ;)

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