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Day 69 - Lady Of The Ring.

Day 69 - Lady Of The Ring.

Day 68 - How's it going there? My apologies by starting yesterday's post with "Top of the morning to ya." When I Googled "Irish Greetings" today I realized, "Top of the morning to ya." is a cringe worthy greeting. Apparently, everything I know about St. Patrick's Day, I learned from a t-shirt. Yeesh! My apologies to any Irish lads & lassies.

Today, I'm starting with the greeting "How's it going there?" From my research, it's more inline with a true Irish greeting. Let me know if I have this wrong as well. It's hard to find the truth on the internet.

Today's project includes the four leaf clover symbol. Well, once again I am getting St. Patrick's Day all wrong. The four leaf clover doesn't symbolize St. Patrick's Day. It is the 3 leaf clover that should be use to symbolized the holy trinity. Oh man. I've got to do my research!

Tomorrow, I'll investigate the history of St. Patricks Day to create a more authentic post. In the meantime, let's create an unauthentic but super cute "Lady Of The Ring" crown using tissue paper shamrocks.

Items Needed:

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Step 1: Make a head measurement with a strip of paper or measuring tape. Add 2 inches to the measurement. Put on safety glasses. Cut the steel wire with the needle nose pliers to the length measured. Loop the extra 1 inch on the ends of the wire to make two hooks.

Step 2: Print this shamrock template here. Place the template over the tissue paper and cut 8-10 shamrocks out of the tissue paper. Grab the shamrocks at center and twist. Take one twisted shamrock and place it 1/3 away from the end of the wire. Tape the shamrock to the wire. Repeat with the remaining shamrocks.

Step 3: Take the end of the green ribbon, leave a 3" tail on the ribbon and tie the ribbon to the end of one wire hook. Start looping the ribbon around the wire to cover the wire. When the shamrocks are reached, loop around the twisted part and cover the tape of the shamrock. Keep looping until all the wire is covered. Cut the ribbon and tie both ends of ribbon together very tightly. Cut any tails off the ribbon.

Step 4: Cut 6 feet of either gold or green ribbon. Fold in half and tie a slip knot around the back of the crown. Tie a bow to cover any showing wire.

Step 5: Enjoy your Lady of the Ring crown.  As you can see, my little lady was so excited to model the crown today. However, you don't need to be little to enjoy this crown. It would make a great accessory to any dames St. Patricks day outfit.

See ya tomorrow lads & lassies!

Day 70 - You Say Potato.

Day 70 - You Say Potato.

Day 68 - Irish Apricot.

Day 68 - Irish Apricot.