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Day 184 - Watermelon Boba.

Day 184 - Watermelon Boba.

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Well, hello! The July 4th holiday weekend is almost upon us. Some of us will be visiting county fairs, going to the lake or enjoying delicious backyard BBQs. Hosting a BBQ made me dream of cool, crisp watermelon. July 4th weekend always provides plenty of hot sun and humid weather. It could be said, nothing beats the heat and celebrates July 4th better than a slice of sweet, crunchy watermelon. To kick off America's birthday, let's create a summer celebration worthy drink to toast in the 240th birthday of the good old U.S.A.

Let's get this party started! Today's project is to create a watermelon boba fruit smoothie. Who doesn't love a boba or bubble drink? Let's check out how to incorporate these tapioca balls into this luscious 4th of July smoothie and make a party worth beverage without the alcohol.


If you want to check out the exact recipe, you can find it here on the "Daily Burn." I made a big batch of boba ahead of time and stored them in simple syrup. For the record, not all boba are created equal. The original bag of boba I purchase never fully hydrated. They were crunchy and awful. However, the black boba used in the video are super delicious. They can be purchased on Amazon {affiliate link}. Just remember chew your boba. They are slippery than snot!

Let the July 4th celebration begin. Cheers to you America and all you sweet watermelons out there!

Day 185 - Blind State.

Day 185 - Blind State.

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