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Day  218 - Mom Notes.

Day 218 - Mom Notes.

Hey there kiddos. It's been a long day here. I am going to go straight to today's project. For all you parents out there, this post is for you. With the summer coming to a close, back-to-school is at the top of the old grey matter today. Is it just me or is there a lot of excitement and anxiety swirling about the first day of school? Even as an adult, there can be some worry about sending kids off to who knows what. As a dad or mom we might wonder are they having fun? Did they remember their jacket for the playground? Are they eating their lunch?

Which brings me to a great idea I learned from a wonderful mom of three. Place a note in your child's lunch box to make them feel remembered and loved. If school starts in a few weeks, just print out the below free printables and have them ready to go for the first week of school. The idea is to create a connection even when apart, especially on that emotional first day of school. You can download a free printables PDF here: Mom Notes.


And for all you dad's out there, these are for you too.  

I'm going to get back to dreaming up tomorrow's project. In the meantime, I am raising my milk glass to the first day of school and saying bring on the school days!

Day 219 - Word Play.

Day 219 - Word Play.

Day 217 - Random Kindness.

Day 217 - Random Kindness.