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When You See A Pink Cactus, Pull Over.

When You See A Pink Cactus, Pull Over.


Some of us are superb at finding our way in this world. They can spot the thing they want more than anything, go for it, grab it, and make it work for them. They seem to have a unique knack for knowing where to look for a pink cactus and knowing when to pull their car over just in time to grab an opportunity. In other words, they have outstanding luck.

However, more often than not, it isn't luck. These people have built and put a lot of work into looking for a pink cactus. They hone their skills, develop relationships and foster growth through constant learning. More importantly, they don't let fear stop them from jumping in the car and saying "Let's Go!"

Luck seems to be more about paying attention, hitting the road and seeing the landscape when the rest of us are still in the parking lot.

I'm going to look out for a pink cactus today. Who's ready for a road trip?

Until tomorrow friends.



What Happens When You Find A Pink Cactus

What Happens When You Find A Pink Cactus

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