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This Date Will Make You Happy And Healthy.

This Date Will Make You Happy And Healthy.

Having a break no matter how short or long can provide perspective. There is something about being away from it all and then coming home that is a powerful catalyst for self-improvement. Perhaps where we go, and the travels we experience rewire our brains for the better. Maybe the time away is like a three-way mirror, and we see what how life was, is and could be? Whatever thought, when we get home, we want to be better people because the world offered us a filtered opportunity.

And the world also offered me a delicious date shake on a trip to Palm Springs. 

I'm still thinking about that delicious creamy date shake. 

However, no matter how delicious, the date shake was fleeting in its joy. It wasn't brimming with good for us anything. The ingredients while a nice jolt of quick sugary energy was junk. On vacation, it's great to indulge however comprised of 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream, milk and dates the date shake isn't going to win any "good for your body" awards.

Coming back from my trip, the perspective that I have acquired is, I don't treat my body well. The human body is a miraculous self-healing genius machine. It can ward off disease, keep itself alive without thought and mend a wound in just a few days. I, however, feed it things void of nutrients such as chips, candy, and milkshakes which equate to putting maple syrup in a car's gas tank.

The time way made me think how I could make better food choices so my body can keep being miraculous. In enters, this version of a date shake. It is creamy, smooth, and guaranteed to make us happy and healthy. It's also damn delicious.

Date This Shake

makes approximately 2 - 6oz shakes

  • 3 Medjool dates pitted
  • 1/2 cup 2% Greek yogurt
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 tablespoons sun butter or nut butter
  • 1 banana
  • 6 - 8 ice cubes

Step 1: Place the dates, yogurt, milk, sun butter/nut butter and banana into a blender and pulse until smooth.

Step 2: Add the ice to the blender and blend until creamy smooth.

Enjoy the date shake and let's say cheers to good health.

Until tomorrow Healthy Friends.

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