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Here Is How To Spin Your Holiday Right Into Fun!

Here Is How To Spin Your Holiday Right Into Fun!

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Hello, Friends,

The holidays are full of delightful, surprising moments, like when we find sweet, sparkly greeting cards stuffed in the frozen grey corners of our mailbox. The clomping footsteps of our mail person trudging up our front steps this time of year, gives our hearts a little leap as we imagine sorting through the mismatch of insanely materialistic catalogs, giant depressing bills and finding if we are lucky, tucked in between the holiday chaos, crisp envelopes stuffed with heartfelt season’s greetings. When these crisp paper wonders appear, it’s like getting a free slice of peppermint chocolate cake on a cold winter day; unexpected, delightful, and warms more than our bellies during winter’s icy, dark moments.

These envelopes stuffed with love from everyone, everywhere, reminds us we aren’t alone in this journey called life. (Thank You, Prince)

To make our greetings even more special, let’s create our own one-of-a-kind cards.

And making cards has never been easier with a salad spinner.

Yes, a salad spinner!


This project is GREAT for kids but every kid at heart will enjoy the mystery of the salad spinner vortex too.

Salad Spinner Greeting Cards


Step 1: Place a blank greeting card in the bottom of the salad spinner. Drop 3-5 drops of watercolor onto the card.

Step 2: Securely close the salad spinner lid. Give the salad spinner a whirl for about 30 seconds. Open the lid and see the cool design in action.


Step 2: Stamp a message on the card and punch out snowflakes out of the card stock. Glue on the snowflakes to the card.

Step 3: Write any personal message desired and send these winter delights out to everyone on your holiday list!


Lots of love and Swirling Season’s Greetings, Friends!

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