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This Is Guaranteed To Easily Make Mom Happy.

This Is Guaranteed To Easily Make Mom Happy.


// hello friends-

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 12th.

Yes, this Sunday.

It tiptoed up on us didn’t it?

Maybe we planning on whipping up a macaroni necklace to present to dear old mom? Scouring the internet for the perfect #momlife mug? Contemplating spending our entire life’s savings on a huge bouquet of flowers to make mom feel grand?

Here is the bad news.

Mom wants something different this year.

Yes, the macaroni necklace will warm mama’s heart but is sure to end up in the dark recesses of her dresser drawer. The #momlife mug will most likely “accidentally” slip off the counter or be left on a bench at soccer practice. As for the flowers, HELLO!, mom taught you to save your money for a rainy day.

What does mom want?

To be presented with a beautiful DIY project that is new, fresh, modern, easy on the pocket book, fun to display and is guaranteed to make Mom swoon.

Something that is petal perfect.

And lovely.

And beautiful.

Whip out the watercolors, rummage around the closet for some tissue paper and take a bit of time to create a DIY project that mom will absolutely love:

Hand Painted Giant Paper Flowers!


Giant Paper Flowers

Step 1: Print the free flower petal template on the card stock. With the scissors cut out the petal template and the circle shape.

Step 2: Fold the tissue paper in half lengthwise. Using the watercolors, paint the tissue paper and let dry.


Step 3: Cut a long 1.5 inch by 18 inch long rectangle from the long side of the tissue paper. Roll the rectangle into a tight tube shape. Make long incisions into the tissue tube on the short side. Do not cut all the way through the tissue. Leave a 1/4 space at the bottom of the tissue to hold the tube shape together. This will be the center of the flower. Set aside.


Step 4: Use the flower petal template as a guide and fold the remaining tissue paper under the petal template as many times as the tissue paper will allow. With the scissors, cut around the template. There should now be multiple petals. Make a 1 - inch incision in the middle of the petal base.


Step 5: Heat the hot glue gun on low. Place one dot of glue on the left side of the base of a flower petal. Pinch the right side over the left. Repeat until all the petals are complete. Using the circle card stock shape as a flower base, glue the tissue paper petals onto the circle base by overlapping the edge of each petal just a bit.

Step 6: Glue the center of the flower in the middle of the petals. Take one (1) flower wire and poke a small hole in the back of the flower. Remove the wire and add a dab of glue and then reinsert the wire.


So much love and fun went into making this DIY project, Mom is sure to feel overjoyed and very appreciated.

To all the wonderful Mamas, Happy Mother’s Day!

Until tomorrow creative friends! //

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